By Matt Lee, content writer for the Building Materials Industry

Remodeling your home is an exciting way to update some areas that could use a fresh look, while also boosting the overall property value. Some remodeling projects will net you a bigger return on your investment than others, however. If getting a great ROI on your next remodeling project is your top priority, you’re in luck. In case you’re interested, here are a few remodeling projects with the best return.

1. 石头单板


Stone is a stylish and elegant material that many people are attracted to. However, while stone is expensive to build with, 石头单板 is not. 和, while 石头单板 is a synthetic look-alike material, it still looks exactly like stone and it’s hard to tell the two apart from a distance.

For this reason, 石头单板 has the single highest ROI, coming in at a stunning 95.6%. If you’re looking to upgrade your siding, swapping yours out for a brand new 石头单板 is nearly free in the long term.

2. New Doors for Your Garage


投资回报率为94.5%, new garage doors come in at second on the list of remodeling projects with the highest return on investment. This is probably because they have a huge impact on curb appeal while also keeping your garage insulated and secure.

There are many modern doors to choose from that have advanced security and safety features such as keypad entry, 电动起子, and motion sensors to prevent them from closing on you or your vehicle.

你甚至可以找到 乡村车库门 that have these innovative features but also have an earthy, old-world look to them. There’s no shortage of design options when it comes to new garage doors so you should be able to match them perfectly with your home’s exterior aesthetic.

3. 厨房改造


Third, on our list is a kitchen remodel. By swapping out your old sink, 台面, and appliances for new versions, you can recoup about 77% of your investment. You’ll also want to consider refacing your cabinets as well as exploring some new 硬木地板 trends as well if you want to get the full 77%.

For the amount of personal usage you’ll get out of this project, an additional 77% return on the investment is incredibly high.



Finally, coming in 4th place for the highest ROI is window replacement. Replacing your old windows with brand new ones will net you around a 70% return on the investment. Vinyl, low-E windows with a custom exterior finish color will net you as high as 72%.

However, other types of windows such as magnetic storm windows can also get you a decent ROI.

5. 乙烯基站


For those of you who don’t like 石头单板 siding, a fresh layer of vinyl siding for your home is less expensive and will still provide you with an ROI of about 74%. While the ROI isn’t as high as 石头单板 or fiber cement siding, the upfront cost is lower as well, coming in at an average of about $14,300.

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If you pick your remodeling projects right, you can recoup a whole lot of your money when it comes time to sell. By opting for remodeling projects like 新窗口, 新的乙烯站, 厨房改造, 石头单板, and new garage doors, you can give your home a brand-new look without having to take much of a financial loss at the end of the day.

Any of these projects would be well worth your time and investment as a homeowner. If you need financial help, consider one of the many loan options we have:

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, 承包商, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.